We have made the huge decision to sell our dairy herd and so disperse all our cows, along with 40 years of selective breeding.

This has been a heartbreaking process for us but we are unable to continue to supply milk; the financial pressures and the volatility of the dairy market has made it unsustainable for us.

We heartily believe that Rose Veal should continue to be produced and championed and with this in mind we will continue with our production, however as we no longer have our own females to produce the calves we intend to source from other dairy farms who are producing happy, healthy bulls which we will raise as if they were our own.

This gives us the great opportunity to provide a much greater number of finished animals but still to the same high standarss of welfare, cleanliness and care.

If we are able to find a local retailer who is interested in taking a whole carcass then we are most happy to help, but it does mean that we are not able to sell directly to the public in small quantities.