Why Rose Veal?

Rose Veal is a delicacy that we should all be encouraged to eat.

There has been controversy in veal-raising methods over the years and traditionally the bleak images of calves in cramped crates or being herded on to lorries linger in the memory. And so they should – as a reminder of the worst excesses of indifference to animal welfare they take some beating, but strict legislation is now in place, and crating used to house young calves has been illegal in the UK since 1990.

At Norbury Farm we have never used this method and abhor the ill-treatment of any animal, whether livestock or one of our pets.

It is estimated that over a quarter of a million male dairy calves are killed each year in the UK. At Norbury Farm we have always been upset with the destruction at a very young age (hours rather than days) of perfectly healthy animals just because they were born the wrong sex.

Because we wholeheartedly disliked the unfairness of the treatment of bull calves, we investigated all the alternatives to early slaughter, and we have done extensive research into our other options.

An option could be that they’re exported to Europe, where the continental craving for pale meat means their welfare is profoundly compromised, and they have huge distances to travel. This is not an option that we would choose.

So instead they are reared here at Norbury Farm, where they were born.


3 thoughts on “Why Rose Veal?

  1. jonathan rye says:

    where can you buy your veal
    what do you steaks etc can you let me know and prices please

  2. Hi Jonathan,
    We sell directly from the farm. At the moment we are sold out however there will be some more in about 2 weeks. We can do small starter packs with a variety of cuts, mince, steak, roasting joints etc which start from around £30. As a guide our price list should help you

  3. jonathan rye says:

    there is no prices on your website if you click on prices it takes you to why rose veal so could you email me some prices please


    also do you deliver my post code is DE555NF

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